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To be a good child, you need to go to bed and get up early.

We had to remove your spleen.

The music gradually died away.

Who or what has the blame?

The conference ended two hours ago.

You should get your eyes checked.

Someone broke the lock and stole my bike.

Jagath becomes nervous whenever he has to speak in public.

You have dirty feet.

We will not add more pictures to our magazine.

All I have is a book.


A painter only becomes a true painter by practicing his craft.


I knew it would be an adventure.


She got into a rage.


The color will not go away, even with washing.

The hotel's full of foreigners.

Why were you in prison?

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Shyam is smoking.


I apologize for the delay in replying.

I said 'Quit it'. Can't you see Keiko hates that?

I do not agree with you.


He was declared guilty.

I hate camping out.

We're fortunate to have you here.

Those children are waiting for their mother.

I beg you.

Stephen is three years younger than me.

I should've known Reid would do something we didn't want him to do.

The crowd poured out of the auditorium.

I never heard of such a machine before.

Was the door closed?

"Thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit! I'm burning up!" "Poor Mr. Snowman."

You'll never see her again.

It's much safer here than where Dean is.

Please lie on your stomach.

Seen from an airplane, the island looks like a big spider.


The buzzing of the bees makes me a little nervous.

You need to call Judith.

The minister elected one of his close friends to a key position.

If something happens, feel free to call me.

We do need you.

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We haven't achieved much yet.

I'm not denying it happened, but one example can't be called proof.

I wasn't talking.

There were three of them and all three were armed.

I wanted to marry him.


Chances are Stefan was right.


Please leave now.

Unfortunately, that won't happen.

Translate a sentence several times from one language to another and you'll find yourself with something totally different from the original.

A lot of people think that whales are fish.

Could you please wipe off the table?


You only have to be here at six tomorrow morning.

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Sometimes because of their atmospheres and sometimes because of the gases which surround them.

Let's go to eat together.

It's not that bad, is it?


I'm watching her.

Colin has lived here for thirty years.

We have some.

His lecture had a large audience.

Now we have to be very careful.


The young woman was carrying a baby in her arms.

They're having a hard time.

I'm not a good liar.

You sure have a way with words there, Oscar.

Her father had always disapproved of Jiri.

Markus says that he was here in Boston that night.

I had to do all the housework, but I wish I had gone to the movies or shopping.

The customers gave him fleeting glances, then returned to their conversations.

Do you have a contingency plan?

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How come you didn't come?

It was a little too muggy for spring.

The note was from them.

I'm quiet.

This watch doesn't work.

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I'll see what else I can do.

I decided to leave the hotel.

There are forty-one teachers and about eight hundred students in this school.

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I am very tired from swimming.

Won't somebody please think of the children?!

I did the right thing.

I can't make it to Boston this weekend.

I will drive you home.

How did Sri get there?

Matti doesn't know what Tommy wants to do.

I knew exactly what Claudia meant.

It goes without saying that health is important.

This place is packed!

I'm in the bath.

Maybe you should go home.

This man is a spy; he must die.

I just don't want to marry her.

I let him down.


Mr Ford owns this land.


I can't. It's too heavy.

I want Nici here first thing tomorrow.

Let's let Graham decide.

Let's write a book together.

It all depends on Bjorne.

You're so mean.

He is not your dad.


World war two broke out in 1939.


Hurry up or you'll miss your plane.

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My name is John.

Her tastes in clothes are quite different than mine.

We're playing cards.

This is where I draw the line.

His name was on the tip of my tongue, but I couldn't remember it.

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I think Hilda doesn't come here very often.

You believe them, don't you?

I didn't buy that book.

Please give me a sheet of paper.

I thought that was thrilling.


We had no potable water.

Have you been to Hokkaido?

We'll have to give some thought to it.

You are now old enough to support yourself.

How can you be sure Shawn will do what you ask?

He has attained to years of discretion.

I don't speak French.

I have already done all my tasks.

The capital city of Norway is Oslo.

Dad bought me a book.

This handkerchief is made of paper.

The crops were damaged by the flood.

Everything has been good.

We are already planning to do that.

Can you outfox a fox?


Don't talk to me like this.


Human beings communicate in many ways.


He swam across the river.

That moving moment was captured in video.

I lost my driver's license.


I'm not offended.

Suzanne doesn't have that kind of money.

Is there a chance that'll happen?

The investigators tried to pin the blame on the pilot.

I used all the energy I had.

Your point may be a little off target, but it certainly is close.

I think you should sit.


Nancy is wearing two sweaters under her coat.


Joshua is brave.


I think it's cruel to keep a cat inside.

Let me finish this first.

In most cases, his answers are right.

Hunting accidents happen more often than most people realize.

I'll help you within the limits of my ability.

I ache for a sight of the sea.

What's wrong? Why are you crying?

What key is this song in?

I have gotten a respite.


What do you think it could be?

How much are you asking?

Naomi almost always helps Rich with her homework.

They formed themselves into a circle.

At least try and be careful.

Everything went very well.

Would you mind if I changed seats now?


Can you tell what kind of apple this is?


Please take one.

We met on a blind date.

The successful concert tour established her reputation as a singer.

I'm hungry. What about you?

To swim in the ocean is my greatest pleasure.